Providing 911 and Non-Emergent Ambulance and EMS Services to All of North Texas

Sacred Cross EMS, Inc.

"Quick, Courteous, Compassionate Care"

About Us

Company President B. Witherspoon, Owner/CEO C. Hinkle, VP S. Clasby, Div Mgr D. Wright (left- right)

What We Do

First established in 2008, Sacred Cross EMS, Inc. has been providing Emergent, Non-Emergent, and Wheelchair transportation services with total Integrity since Day 1. We are a patient advocacy group that puts the needs of the patient before all others. Our ambulance and EMS services are not average. We expect perfection, but we will settle for only excellence. 

Where Have We Been

In our humble beginnings, we recognized a need for quality EMS transportation services in the area. We began as a one truck operation and ran all the EMS calls we could get. Starting in Denton and the surrounding areas of North Texas, we built our company the old fashion way--with High Quality Customer Service. 

Where We Are Going

With 911 Ambulance and Non-Emergent transport services all over North Texas, our fleet of 21 ambulances and staff of over 100 EMS professionals are leading us into the future. We don't plan to take over the entire world. Just the EMS World! Our services are growing fast. We are currently the fastest growing, firefighter operated, privately held EMS service in the state of Texas.